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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is considered a zero-tolerance charge — which means unless you accept a plea deal, the case will go to trial. At the law firm of Attorney John B. Seed, we understand that a domestic violence charge affects you in the present and far into the future.

If you come to be in a situation where you require an experienced domestic violence lawyer in New Bedford, MA, be assured that you have an advocate determined to deliver solutions you deserve.

A domestic violence charge can have a negative impact on your reputation and limit your freedom to see your family.

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Why You Want Attorney John B. Seed to Represent Your Domestic Violence Matter

At the offices of Attorney John B. Seed, our firm knows that domestic violence charges can cause a major disruption in your personal and professional life. From the damage they can do to you personally at home as well as professionally with any potential criminal record or social stigma attached — we understand how important it is for people like yourselves to take action against these serious allegations before this becomes an issue.

Attorney John B. Seed formerly served as Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney who supervised Brighton Court; his experience on both sides of the courtroom has taught him perspective needed by someone facing these kinds of accusations. Contact us today!

Domestic Violence Representation in Bedford and Brighton, MA area

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