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Are you finding yourself in a complex legal situation involving an OUI or DUI charge? Even the most careful of drivers can be prosecuted for matters related to OU/DUI. With our law firm on your side of the courtroom, you can be reassured that positive results are right in your rearview mirror.

Attorney John B. Seed delivers exceptional DUI defense to clients throughout New Bedford, MA.

Keep your license, avoid jail, & protect your record.

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Why You Want Attorney John B. Seed to Represent Your OUI/DUI Matter

Experience from the other side of the courtroom helps to build strong cases. Attorney John Seed, a former Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney who supervised Brighton District Court, understands what it takes for people accused with charges like OUI/DUI and knows the toll it can take on someone’s life.

Effects of OUI/DUI charges include losing the ability to drive, potential jail time, and losing employment opportunities. Together, with attorney Jason Chan, Attorney Seed will work hard to protect your driver’s license while also fighting for future success by helping you avoid conviction altogether. Contact us today to learn more!

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