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Clerk Magistrate Hearings & Probation Violations

Certain criminal charges don’t necessarily lead to arrest. In these cases, law enforcement may decide to file through a clerk Magistrate hearing. These cases are misdemeanors and can be seamlessly handled with a creative defense.

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We’re here to achieve positive resolutions in Clerk Magistrate Hearings related to theft, shoplifting, driving with a suspended license, reckless driving, and more.

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Why You Want Attorney John B. Seed to Represent Your Clerk Magistrate Hearing Matter

Attorney John B. Seed has a well-regarded reputation for providing vigorous representation in Clerk Magistrate Hearings. He is experienced at making these proceedings work to the best advantage of his clients. He knows what it takes to secure the most favorable outcomes possible when people face this type of proceeding, as he was an Assistant District Attorney who supervised Brighton’s district court; as time passed, Mr. Seed developed strategies to know precisely how to handle cases like yours.
Probation Violation Attorney in Bedford and Brighton, MA area

Probation Violations

In addition, Mr. Seed advocates for clients in probation violation matters. Probation violations should not be taken lightly — without a capable attorney, jail time is on the table.
Clerk Magistrate Representation Attorney in Bedford and Brighton, MA area

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