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Drugs & Weapons

From drug charges to weapon and firearms cases, Attorney John B. Seed provides a full-spectrum of legal solutions. As a top criminal lawyer serving clients in communities near New Bradford, MA, our law firm strives to provide the highest level of advocacy. We make it a point to educate each client on the circumstances of their case, and present unique strategies.

Not knowing who to turn to can be a terrible feeling — Attorney John B. Seed is here to support you and deliver a compelling defense.

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The offices of Attorney John B. Seed will fight for your rights, no matter what it takes! With a strong reputation in courts and among his fellow attorneys, he has a reputation for achieving winning results. Contact us today to learn more!

Drug Charges

A strong defense often begins with examining if there were any violations of a person’s Fourth Amendment rights. The police must follow certain protocols when searching for evidence — if we find they obtained assets illegally, we’ll likely be able to get charges dropped.

Weapon/Firearm Charges

Expertise in the law is a crucial weapon that fights against unfair weapon and drug charges. When you are faced with weapons or gun possession, be assured that our commitment is to build a defense and protect your freedom.

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