What Is Considered a Violent Crime?

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In the state of Massachusetts, violent crimes are considered any criminal act that involves using physical force, weapons, or verbal threats of violence of any kind. A violent crime can be defined as a crime in which a victim is harmed by or threatened with violence. If you have found yourself accused of a violent crime, call attorney John B. Seed at 508-999-1399 for exceptional legal counsel.

Different Types of Violent Crimes

Violent crimes vary widely. Homicide, domestic violence, assault, battery, rape, armed robbery, kidnapping, burglary and home invasion are all examples of this type of crime. More broadly, violent crimes can be categorized as murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault, according to the FBI’s uniform crime reporting program.

Assault and Battery

Though similar in nature, assault and battery are different, and oftentimes inappropriately conflated. According to an article published by Findlaw.com, battery can be defined as the intentional offensive or harmful touching of another person without their consent, and must involve non-consensual, intentional touching that is harmful or offensive to the victim. The definition of assault, though it varies state-by-state, can be generally defined as causing or attempting to cause injury to someone else, and in some circumstances can include threats or threatening behavior against others. These crimes can be punishable by time spent in prison or a house of corrections, and can also include monetary fines.

Armed Robbery

In the state of Massachusetts, armed robbery can be defined as a crime committed by anyone who is armed with a dangerous weapon when assaulting another, and proceeds to rob, steal or take money or other property. Aggravated instances of this crime can be punishable for up to fifteen years. If convicted of armed robbery while disguised, the sentence carries a minimum sentence of no less than five years. A subsequent offense for armed robbery while in possession of a firearm carries a mandatory minimum sentence of no less than fifteen years in prison.

If Charged with a Violent Crime…

If you’ve been charged with a violent crime in the state of Massachusetts, you’re facing consequences that could alter your life permanently. You need an attorney who will execute a defense strategy that is more aggressive and comprehensive than the prosecution’s case against you. Someone with a proven track record and experience on both sides of the bench. To speak to an attorney that meets these qualifications, contact attorney John B. Seed today. As a former prosecutor, John has seen what goes into trial preparation on the other side of the bench, and uses this unique perspective to masterfully craft a defense that is always one step ahead to deliver a favorable outcome for you.

Penalties of Violent Crimes

Due to the threat of physical harm violent crimes pose to the people at large (not to mention mental and emotional toil), it is customary for law enforcement to prosecute these offenses in an especially harsh manner. But as with any crime, context plays a huge factor. If the use of weapons or deadly force is proven to be at play, penalties can stand to be much steeper than if the crime was committed without. Sentences spanning several years or even decades are not unlikely in these situations.

Violent Crime Defense Requires Experience.

No matter the severity, if you find yourself in need of an elite criminal defense attorney, contact John B. Seed today. If you’ve found yourself as the victim of a violent crime, contact your local authorities.